My Coolpix died. I bought another camera: It captures images in a new way and I could convert the still images into 3d at the click of a button.
The LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray Light Field Camera with Constant F/2.0, 8X Optical Zoom, and 4″ Touchscreen it lets you have your foreground, subject and background in focus at different times.

It is billed as being able to focus in post production: I did not believe it but I bought it because I love the large depth of field. The lens is huge! It lets in lots of light and has a range of something like 35MM to 200MM and only weights two pounds. I bought the camera on a lightning deal. This camera originally retailed for almost $1,500.00 and can now be gotten for under $450.00. As of this writing Amazon only has 2 in stock. I should have ordered an extra battery at the time. (they are out of stock at the moment.

When I took my first picture with it I was frustrated, the ISO setting was set at 60 and I could not figure out how to change it. the foreground seemed out of focus and I was frustrated. I appologized to my friend and told her that I would practice more before I saw her again: When I saw the pictures in post they were beautiful.

This camera is meant for digital media, not for print. If I had a larger budget I would buy an Ipad air to display some of the Living Pictures and another digital frame that is specifically designed for 3d photos. Looks like I am going to just take the photo’s and wait until the cost of the technology goes down. If I want to view the stuff now I can do it on my laptop and 3d TV.
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